Letter to Devs

Building on the cloud shouldn't be this hard

Developers build.

We're developers through and through. But we also know many roadblocks to building quickly and scaling teams, especially on the cloud. We saw this first-hand during our six years at AWS, where we helped build three services and 19 service consoles. Gone are the days where we stand up a Java server and a database on a machine and call our service "ready". Instead we need to decide on which best practices to follow, which services to use, whether to try out that shiny new SaaS, and a million other things.

Some of us know the cloud and know it well. But even for us, it takes time to get things up and running. We work through countless 4-page wizards on service consoles, and guess at half the options. We attempt to codify these decisions in templates and then struggle to evolve when our needs change or when new features, services, and pricing change older trade-offs. One developer described it perfectly on an Airtable forum post: “I dare anyone to try to host a website in EC2 in less than a weekend with help from five other techie geeks.”

We want simplicity and flexibility without lock-in or "magic" SaaS cloud abstractions. We need to own our code, own our architecture, and make the changes we want to make. We want to git push to prod WITH

  • The transparency to debug and see how our app runs.
  • A formalized and clean developer and operator experience.
  • The flexibility to use any cloud service as needs change.

At TinyStacks, we now have a way to empower developers and lift operators out of manual DevOps misery. Our service is designed to guide users through architectural and cost decisions without forcing a detour into the weeds. Everything is deployed on your cloud account and so developer teams have total transparency and flexibility to do whatever you need as your business evolves.

TinyStacks powered teams are now leveling up the way they work together and scale.

  • Dev/Test/Preview stages in minutes save days of work getting new projects going while reducing merge conflicts and deployment issues.
  • A DevOps engineer at a monitoring company deployed a demo app in an afternoon, so the CTO could showcase a new capability to prospects.
  • A team migrated a founder deployed app on Heroku’s max compute size migrated to AWS while adding stages, pipelines, and lowered the cost of scaling.
  • Another team dockerized a founder deployed app on EC2, added stages and pipelines to formalize deployments and scale.
  • Centralized logs for each app and stage reduce troubleshooting time and accelerate product cycles.

If you would like to level up your team’s experience on AWS, you can now self-serve new stacks for free. If you have an existing environment, a quick chat can either make life easier for your team or put you on the waitlist as we build more capabilities.

Less Config and Console. More Git Push.

Let's Build.


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