Better infrastructure, faster

Git init AWS backend. 10 minutes to fully configured dev/test stages, pipelines, database, networking, security, and autoscaling.

Tinystacks operates your AWS account to configure and deploy a backend in AWS. Bootstrap a new app or level up operations and stages for an existing app.

We configure so you can git push code:

  • Properly configured autoscaling.

  • Optimized for your scale from free tier compliance to hyperscale.

  • Deploy in any region - we’ve removed or highlighted the most expensive regions.

  • No abstractions or future limitations to how you evolve your applications.

“I used TinyStacks to deploy an instrumented version of a live application, so our CTO could demonstrate our observability service to prospective customers. One afternoon of work dramatically accelerated our sales process.”

Who is TinyStacks?

We built the AWS console, so we carry some blame for cloud complexity. We’re fixing that complexity by making the power and scale of cloud services accessible to software teams. Today, our product works best supporting teams of 4 to 30 developers.

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