Better infrastructure, faster

Love the Heroku or Digital Ocean dev experience, but need AWS scale?

Tinystacks operates your AWS account to configure stages, networking, databases, pipelines, and security to give your team a alternative to Heroku scaling costs and performance on native AWS services.

  • Migrate into configured and staged backends and databases ready for code in under 10 minutes.

  • Drop your cost to scale by over 50% by removing the abstraction layer and configurations optimized for your scale.

  • Scale and evolve any app on native AWS services without abstractions or clusters.

  • Protect the developer experience you love with automated deploys, pipelines, and self-service stacks and stages.

  • Deploy any containerized app or use our auto-containization tools for Express, Flask, Django, Spring, Nest*, Laravel*

  • Preview backend applications for testing, demos, collaboration, and more.

“The nightmare of DevOps kept us from managing AWS directly, but with TinyStacks we can now scale our team, apps, and billion+ requests a day in audio advertising. Our cloud bill is 67% less, our devs are focused, and we now have access to the full AWS catalog.” - Jordan Bentley, CEO, Audiohook

Who is TinyStacks?

We built the AWS console, so we carry some of blame for cloud complexity. We’re fixing that with a developer friendly interface to AWS for software teams. Today, our product works best supporting teams of 4 to 40 developers.

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