Better infrastructure, faster

Dig frontend previews from Netlify, Vercel, et al? Introducing Backend Deploy Previews from TinyStacks.

Tinystacks operates your AWS account to configure stages, networking, databases, and security. Bootstrap a new app or level up operations and stages for an existing app. Backend previews help your team:

  • Demo new API functionality with preview stages and preview URLs on every deploy coming soon.

  • Use an existing database or create a new cloud database

  • Acceptance testing for outsourced development.

  • Get well-configured AWS stacks without manual DevOps work or abstractions

Collaborating on new features in our API with our internal customers has never been possible for us. We care a ton about our API experience, which means we’re often reluctant to make changes. The ability to test and get feedback before a new feature goes to production avoids that stress and accelerates adoption of new features. - Backend Developer

Who is TinyStacks?

We built the AWS console, so we carry some of blame for cloud complexity. We’re fixing that with a developer friendly interface to AWS for software teams. Today, our product works best supporting teams of 4 to 30 developers.

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