Better infrastructure, faster

Stop coding in production. Set up a dev to prod workflow in minutes, not days. *

TinyStacks works with your Git repository and your AWS account. Our system clones your production stack to create as many dev stacks as your team needs.

Level up deployment confidence and:

  • Get properly configured pipelines, networking, security, and auto-scaling - in minutes, not days

  • Use an existing database or create a new database in the cloud

  • Preview deployments (think Netlify or Vercel previews for your backend)

  • Keep costs in check with ephemeral and cost-optimized environments

“I first deployed our API on EC2 two years ago. Today, we have 9 developers and 3,000 users on that same EC2 instance. By creating dev and staging environments with TinyStacks, we can deploy on Fridays, new hires get real pipelines, and next up is auto-scaling for PROD without consultants.”

* Fine print: Today, our product works best for teams of 4 to 30 developers. We work with most, but not all, environments. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Who is TinyStacks?

We built the AWS console. That interface became hostile to developer speed and infrastructure as code is great, but raises other challenges. Our alternative interface to the cloud, makes it easy to use, learn, and scale without limiting your options.

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