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"The nightmare of DevOps kept us from managing AWS directly, but with TinyStacks we can scale a billion+ requests a day in audio advertising leveraging the full power of AWS.."

Jordan Bentley

Jordan Bentley

Founder & CEO, Audiohook

0 days

Lost in cloud weeds

10 mins

To launch a stack


Gain in dev productivity

38 to 67%

Cloud savings realized

How Audiohook migrated to TinyStacks with over 1 Billion requests per day in less than a week

Tracking the podcast and streaming ecosystems now drives over 1 Billion requests a day at Audiohook. With customer demand to double traffic, rising costs and capacity and service limitations on Heroku sent the Audiohook team to move to AWS.


  • 67% reduction in cloud service costs
  • Migrated multiple applications and traffic to TinyStacks over four days
  • Unlocked the ability to scale while reducing cost of scaling by 4x
  • Protected developer productivity from infrastructure tasks.
  • Enabled new regions

Problem: The Cloud DevOps Tax

While the economics and catalog of cloud service primitives are amazing, builders are expected to craft their own development and operational experience. Most teams incur a DevOps tax of 10 to 15% of engineering resources in order to maintain developer velocity as a team scales. This DevOps tax is spent on manual and specialized tasks from configuring cloud infrastructure to CI/CD to scaling dev team productivity with pipelines and stages to cost optimization. Meanwhile, options to circumvent DevOps taxes abstract underlying services or apply other limitations that inhibit scale.

Key features

How Audiohook uses TinyStacks

  • Build

    Bootstrap fully configured infrastructure on AWS in minutes. Collaborate before you commit.

  • Operate efficiently

    Save hours a day managing infrastructure for multiple applications. Change environment variables, view logs and create stages instantly.

  • Scale and evolve

    Autoscale seamlessly. Add stages and ephemeral stacks to scale dev teams.

Stack stages

TinyStacks scales teams and infrastructure

Access to the cloud service catalog and a professional devops experience shouldn't be limited to large teams filled with cloud specialists. And deploying code on the cloud shouldn't face a skills barrier. TinyStacks has built a better path.

TinyStacks enables

  • Just git push: An accessible dev experience for backend applications
  • Transparency without weeds: Visibility, debugging, and app centric logs
  • Self-service: Full featured pipelines. Stacks, and stages in minutes
  • Operations: Command center in a formalized and clean developer and operator experience.
  • Flexibility: Use any language, cloud service, or customize workflows as needs evolve.
  • Cost control: Your infrastructure. Optimized and organized. In your AWS account.
  • Automation: Maintain and version infrastructure-as-code automatically.
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