Code to cloud in minutes

TinyStacks powers teams to build faster without abstractions or undifferentiated DevOps tasks.



Bootstrap fully configured environments and pipelines on AWS in minutes. Collaborate before you commit.


Avoid the AWS console. One location for logs and critical data for each app.


Stages and ephemeral stacks to scale dev teams. Architecture choices are optimized to scale your app at cloud scale.


Access to the full cloud catalog and ephemeral stages opens up the ability to evolve your architecture without expensive replatform projects.


Self-Service for developers with the full cloud catalog and advanced workflows for DevOps

Just git push

You code, we deploy with transparent, centralized, and proven scripts you don’t have to maintain for every stage.

  • Infrastructure and CI/CD out-of-the-box
  • Get your deploy scripts off of Bob's laptop
  • Customizable for tests, scans, and human approvals
Git push

Give your prod a dev/test

Clone existing prod environments to create consistent dev/test environments

  • Level up your operational rigor without a PhD in AWS
  • Use an existing database or create a new cloud database
  • Keep costs in check with optimized environments

Build and Operate Smart

See the activity and services supporting your app instead of navigating to each AWS service console.

  • Change environment variables
  • See pipeline activity
  • Debug with runtime and access logs

Don't waste hours operating your backend

Stages in minutes instead of days or weeks open up new possibilities to collaborate, create linear branches, scale your team, and evolve your service.




Conflict resolution

Dev preview


Getting started with TinyStacks is easy, but if you have any questions, you might find the answers here or contact us for any help.

  • Free team accounts with unlimited seats
  • Operate with transparency without the weeds
  • Own your own infrastructure

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Save hundreds of dev hours.

Getting started with TinyStacks is easy. Deploy your first backend with us in minutes.


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