Deploy to customer VPCs in hours, not weeks

Create deployable application stacks with versioned infrastructure and code. Skip manual fixes and back and forth. Get your customers up and running faster.


Our Customers

“TinyStacks enabled us to deploy and manage multiple single-tenant instances in just a few days. Building this on our own would’ve taken months.”

Joe Leon

Chief Product Officer, RiskAtto

How it works

Define your infrastructure

  • Define your infrastructure in the TinyStacks control panel- computer, networking, storage, and more.
  • Working in direct partnership with you, TinyStacks creates versioned infrastructure-as-code that provisions itself automatically in your customer's cloud

Package and version

  • TinyStacks generates the corresponding infrastructure as code, optimized for each service, together with any other configuration data that’s needed.
  • Drift detection and versioning ensure that you can easily keep track of what’s changing from deploy to deployment, and roll back any unintended changes.
  • We’ll work with you to create versions of your IaC for different environments – not just the happy path. And battle-test to make sure your app deploys reliably.


  • Deploy stacks to your customer VPCs. TinyStacks builds the infrastructure to your specifications, and securely deploys your app.
  • Information on faults, logs, and other system parameters are available to your customers, and to you, automatically.
  • Compute, storage, and other resources are securely connected.

Maintain and update

  • Push available updates to your customers and let them choose how and when to upgrade with a self-service experience.
  • As the usage of your application grows, TinyStacks autoscales so that your app runs seamlessly for customers.
  • Lifecycle management features ensure that you understand who’s running the latest version.

Private installs don't have to be painful

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Close deals faster

Accelerate POCs and reduce time spent on pre-sales integrations.

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Reduce support time

Spend less time on manual back and forth, finding and fixing one-off problems, and hands-on-keyboard support. Avoid problems stemming from incomplete or incorrect infrastructure setup.

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Give your customers control

Let customers install updates on their timetable. TinyStacks also provides access logs, and everything else you’d expect from a self-managed installation.

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Ensure clean deploys

Avoid configuration drift by letting TinyStacks build your app’s infrastructure consistently, every time.

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Standard, secure process for deployments

No need to share your credentials in an email.

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Autoscale when you need it

As your application’s usage increases, TinyStacks automatically scales resources to meet demand.

Flexible deployment with TinyStacks

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Deploy software to customer VPCs quickly and reliably

Templatize your app and its infrastructure so you can deploy to customer VPCs in hours, not weeks

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Build your hybrid architecture

Host single-tenant cloud instances for customers with automatic VPC peering support.

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Implement your multi-cloud strategy

Add multi-cloud capability to your app so you can support customers on any cloud.

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Centralized logging and admin across deployments

Get you a single view into your customer deployments across clouds, regions, and versions.


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